International Bank of Amherst


Whatever your age or stage in your financial life, we have a savings account to help you achieve your goals. We even have one that will help you get ready for Christmas shopping.

Statement Savings

This is a very popular account. Your money earns interest but you can withdraw at any time. You get a regular statement so you can watch your savings grow!

Children/Senior Savings

We like to help parents teach their children about good savings habits. We also like to thank our seniors for the contributions they've made to the community. So we don't have a big balance requirement to avoid the minimal fee while we continue to pay interest.

Holiday Club

This is a great way to save money for additional year end expenses - whether they are presents for family or friends, or property taxes. You save the money; we'll send you a check in early October. Use Automatic Transfer for painless savings and you'll automatically start saving for next year!

Health Savings

If your employer provides health insurance benefits through a HSA qualified high deductible health plan, you may be eligible for a Health Savings Account. The IRS website has information about the qualifications for these accounts. Click here to go to the IRS website. You may need to use the search feature to get the latest publication. Or call us for a brochure explaining the basics.