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Farmers Savings Bank

Companion Products

Be sure to ask one of our Service and Sales Representatives about these other great companion products:

Debit Cards work like magic at millions of locations worldwide. Simply present your IBA Debit Card to any merchant that accepts MasterCard. Your checking statement will have the details about the date, the merchant, and location of your purchase. You may also use your Debit Card at ATMS for 24-hour access to make cash withdrawals and deposits. MasterCard Secure Code is a security program from MasterCard. It ensures that your debit card number can be used only by you to authorize transactions over the WEB. For more information about the program, please contact us.

Automatic Transfers to loans or savings are easy to arrange. We can arrange to transfer funds on a regular basis. Transfers to savings on payday will ensure that you reach your savings goals. Transferring funds to make a loan payment will save postage, reduce the interest you pay on your loan, and prevent late fees. Your statement will provide the details of the transfer.

Automatic Transfers to prevent overdrafts will ensure that an accounting or timing mistake won't cause you to pay overdraft fees. You won't be embarrassed by a returned check.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions are an easy way to make sure that your paycheck is deposited on payday and your bills are paid on time. Call us for more details.

eStatements are a great way to "go green." Through our Online Banking service, we are able to provide electronic statements instead of mailing you paper copies. Sign up through Online Banking, or give us a call.

Free Online Banking and Mobile Banking are a great way to view your account activity, make transfers, and even download transactions to your P.C. We want to make it easy for you to work with your accounts - on your schedule, not ours!

Night Deposit allows you to deposit money or pay your loan when we're not open. Just drive up next to the building, roll down your window and drop it in the secure drawer. Your money will be secure until we get here and process your transaction.